Kaylee Schuler

art commission info


-canon characters
-real people
-anything I deem hateful or offensive
-you may not claim the commission as your own work
-you may not use the commission for commercial use (you can make your own prints, but you can't sell them to others)
-all other use is fair game
-please credit me if you post the commission online
-payment through PayPal or Venmo
-1/2 up front and 1/2 after completion
-digital file or original traditional art included with purchase, prints cost extra
-all prices in USD
-tips are always appreciated! :)
-I will need a clear idea of what you're looking for, along with references and/or character descriptions
-once I receive the first half of payment I will begin a sketch of the piece
-I will create up to two initial sketches for no extra charge before moving forward with the piece, and small alterations before finalization are free of charge, but any large changes requested after I’ve presented you with an alternate sketch will add to the cost. Any added surcharges will be openly discussed beforehand
-I will send periodic updates to you as I work to make sure I make any changes you want to see
-when the piece is finished and approved by you, I take the other half of payment
-once payment is received, I will send you the digital file or the original and any prints if desired (for an extra fee)
-please be patient with me as I work--I often have multiple commissions in process at one time and have a busy life. I am neurodivergent and live with mental illness, so these things often affect how quickly I can finish a commission. However, if I haven't reached out in a while, feel free to check in with me about the status of your commission
with any questions or interest in a commission, please reach out to me!
email: [email protected]
instagram: deep.space.ace
tumblr: deepspaceart


-prices listed are for one character
-backgrounds more complex than patterns/color/photo add $15+
DIGITALDigital Sketch
- Portrait: $20 (+ $5/extra character)
- Half-body: $25 (+ $10/chara)
- Full-body: $35 (+ $15/chara)
Digital Color
- Portrait: $40 (+ $10/chara)
- Half-body: $45 (+ $15/chara)
- Full-body: $55 (+ $20/chara)
Digital Shading
- Portrait: $60 (+ $30/chara)
- Half-body: $70 (+ $35/chara)
- Full-body: $80 (+ $45/chara)
TRADITIONALTraditional Sketch
- Portrait: $15 (+ $5/chara)
- Half-body: $20 (+ $7/chara)
- Full-body: $30 (+ $10/chara)
Traditional Color
- Portrait: $35 (+ $10/chara)
- Half-body: $40 (+ $15/chara)
- Full-body: $50 (+ $20/chara)
Traditional Shading
- Portrait: $50 (+ $25/chara)
- Half-body: $60 (+ $30/chara)
- Full-body: $70 (+ $35/chara)
OTHER COMMISSION STYLESNotecard Portrait: $10Watercolor
- 9"x12" paper: $60+
- 18"x24" paper: $90+
Logo Design
- Black and White: $80
- Flat Color: $100
- Detailed Color/Shading: $200
Character Reference Sheet: $50


digital sketch

digital color

digital shading

traditional sketch

traditional color

traditional shading

notecard portrait


logo design

character reference sheet

visit my portfolio website to see more of my workplease contact me if you're interested in a commission or have any questions!email: [email protected]
instagram: deep.space.ace
tumblr: deepspaceart
If you're interested in buying prints or stickers from me, check out my Etsy shop!Thank you! :)

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